First, I wanted to say that I have decided to get back into blogging again, if only to make it easier to promulgate new ideas, proselytize, and in general persuade my fellow educators (and that rarest of bird, the truly concerned, engaged parent) of how lushly green the new pastures of 21st century pedagogy truly are.

So much for that. Now, I want to pass on the most innovative, groundbreaking, holistic, humane, effective and in all conceivable ways fantastic educational concept in human history after the invention of writing, the book, and coffee. That is not mere hyperbole. This program is easy to implement. It gets immediate results for ALL students no matter their academic level or particular combination of motivation and interests. Its long-term positive results are incalculable. You want 21st century skills? You got’em. And the 4 C’s (creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration) are just the beginning.


If you act now you will also receive, free of charge, the following:

A boatload of deep domain knowledge!

Adaptive expertise!

Independent inquiry skills and dispositions!

Turbo-charged motivation and confidence in their own powers!

More research skills than you can shake a stick at!

A healthy skepticism of the plausibility and reliability of information sources, whatever their provenance!

A willingness to take intellectual risks, to hypothesize and go out on a limb!

Super-duper study skills, self-regulated learning, and metacognition!

A sense of how to incorporate new information into existing knowledge in powerful, generative ways!

Global improvement in basement-level cognitive and affective processes vital for effective learning, such as concentration!

Active and positive problem-solving, and even more importantly, problem-finding!

A comfort with abstraction, with ideas themselves, leading to inculcation into Karl Popper’s fabled “World Three”, the world of concepts and true intellectual discourse!

A googolplex of good-old-fashioned reading and writing skills!

An enhanced ability to handle large amounts of authentic, complex and even contradictory information!

A capacity to create high-quality knowledge products, such as Power Point presentations, reports and stories; or, as Carl Bereiter states, the ability to “make productive use of authoritative knowledge!”

The ability to see ideas, events, facts,  and forces as connected in all kinds of ways!

Free and unfettered access to all levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy, from remembering to understanding to applying to analyzing to evaluating to creating!

A newfound facility with stories, with the construction and comprehension of powerful narratives that shed light on and give flesh to content of all kinds!

An improvement in general expressive power so fundamental your mother would not recognize it!

Understanding that is relational, that establishes a deep, flexible and enduring relationship with the target knowledge!

Profound growth in intellectual character: curiosity, open-mindedness, persistence, etc.!

Piagetian acceleration! (Do you even know what that is?)

An appreciation of consilience! (What about that one, huh?)

Irrevocable broadening of their intellectual, aesthetic, and moral horizons!

A vastly increased sense of how knowledge itself is created, how it flows and is transformed! And with it, the revelation of the actual relevance of meaningful knowledge in their lives; the discovery that knowledge really is power.

In conclusion, an extraordinary increase in engagement with all aspects of learning!!!!!!

Sounds purty good, don’t it?

But because it is late and because I am feeling mischievous, I am not going to tell you what exactly this educational manna is until my next post.

So there.

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